What we do

Our process

▷  You brief us, concisely & thoroughly.


▷  We ask you all the due questions. It might be on email, if it’s a simpler project, or during a meeting for a more complex one.


▷  We do our pre-production: the director will come with a first script and moodboard, the executive producer will scout locations, casting, wardrobe and MUAs and start prepping shooting gear and assembling the team.


PPM time: The Pre-production meeting (PPM) is vital in our process. It’s that moment when we show you our findings & recommendations.


Pre-production continues. We implement the decisions taken at the PPM.


Production. Let’s get it on camera.


Post-production: cutting, editing, graphics, animations as a firs draft according to initial brief then implementing the feedback.


Getting your OK on the edit.


▷  Final tweaks which make it perfect: sound mixing, colorizing, final graphics and animations. We don’t do these before having the cut approved, because it’s a time extensive part and it would be useless if the chosen frames are not final.


▷  Delivery of the main video piece and prepping up shorter cuts & different resolutions, if the case, for different platforms and media.

Our studio is an aggregator of artists of all trades: Producers. Directors. DOPs. Sound designers. Editors. Set designers. Make-up artists. Grips.

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