Jun 23, 2016

Why you should say ‘yes’ to Bulgarian Seaside

written by Andra

We said that we’ll be posting and documenting  everything that feels visually appealing and inspiring so now we’re starting our travel series clips, maybe a bit shy, i don’t know, but we’ll figure it out along the way.

Although not our first travel video (a new post about London will be up pretty soon) it’s the most recent one. To be more precise, last weekend on the 18th of  June.  It’s just  unbelievable how we’ve all been expecting summer to come faster and when it finally does, you have this feeling  the days are passing by so quick that you  don’t get to do everything  you planned.

So, back on track, last weekend was like a national mini holiday and everyone rushed  to the mountains or seaside. Of course we did the same thing because in Bucharest was so hot that you could fry an egg on your cars’s hood.  We didn’t plan it,  everything was spontaneous and that means we didn’t have a place to stay. We called our friends who were also anxious to escape from the heated city so the next day ( Saturday ) they stopped by our place to talk about whether or not is a good idea going to the seaside.  Why were we talking about this? The day before we had no doubts. On the news it was madness and on facebook everyone took photos from the highway  with the chaotic traffic, but what the h-e-l-l? Are we gonna let ourselves intimidated? Of course not.


Below – Tyulenovo Beach 

Some crazy kids adventuring on the rocks, tanning and bathing in the sea. 


So, why is it awesome to listen to your intuition? Because everything goes smoothly on the highway ( yep, that’s a metaphor). Not a sign of chaos, we passed by it aaand it was 1 p.m. already. Pure luck? Maybe.

When we finally arrived in Vama Veche, the beach of the cool youngsters ( a few years ago maybe) it was so crowded that you could barely take an unsignificant decision such as where de we eat? – despite the fact that it was food everywhere (and also cars and hippies, rockers, hipsters, babies etc). But the major issue was the lack of accomodation. Of course, you can say that when  you get drunk it doesn’t matter where you sleep anymore. But that applies in your teens or early twenties so not the case anymore.  We didn’t panick thanks to Almighty Internet  so we booked a room in Balchik, Bulgaria. It was a good decision after all, we enjoyed  it and we explored some unknown places which is always a pleasure  to do.


Main attractions   

Our first stop was in Balchik because we had to check in. Nothing fancy, we took a room for four people, the only one available and quite cheap (cause we’re such money wise ppl) and the we went for a walk; direction -> beach. Well, we had to walk some minutes to get there, but we took the shortcut ( that included – going down maaany stairs). Once we got there the view was really nice, it was not much after sunset so the light to shoot smth was pretty neat.

We found ourselves a spot where we can chill and drink some booze and talk, talk, and brainstorm. The sea at night feels really peaceful, it’s a good moment to meditate, loved it. Oh yes, for the first time in our lives we had the chance to see fireflies. How awesome is this? 

stancaAfter that we had a walk just to see the surroundings and although we don’t have pictures with it (don’t know why…) there’s also a small port with cool boats and yachts. The next morning we had breakfast while staring and daydreaming about owning a cool boat and throwing parties on it. (just a dream)

I have to mention that we wanted to see but didn’t have the time – The Queen Mary’s Castle and a greenhouse next to it with cool cacti. Maybe next time.

One our way to the next destination we stopped at Albena beach. It was pretty much like some of our beaches, with a comunist look so we stayed only because we wanted to chill a bit and swim in the sea.

The next destination – Tyulenovo beach. We searched on internet for wild and hidden beaches because there are plenty of them in Bulgaria, and found Tyulenovo, the closest one from the country borders (we also had to go back). So, we turned the gps on and on the way we stopped to admire a lavander field. It was freakin’ huge.


This was also a first time experience for us (oh, i can feel the adrenaline rush). Since then i’m a huge fan of lavander and i want a field of my own.

I have to say, the road that Google Maps indicated us, it was the shittiest ever and obviously it wasn’t the right one. It felt like we’re gonna drive all day long in the middle of nowhere. At some point i was hopless that we’re gonna find the beach, but in the end we did.

The beach is quite spectacular. I’m kinda pissed that in Romania we don’t have beaches like this one, but hey we have other awesome things.





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